First Post

Hello and welcome to the blog section of my page! I intend to use this section to post some updates on my projects. This will include new projects I’m working on along with updated information on pre-existing projects. Most of the posts will be short and to the point, especially while I get used to this style of writing and form some expectations for how I might want to use these posts in the future.

I may also occasionally take the opportunity to provide some commentary and personal opinions. For the moment, however, I do not anticipate writing lengthy and in-depth posts on a regular basis like you might see on someone’s personal blog. I anticipate the frequency of my posts will largely be dictated by the projects I’m working on, and whether or not I can discuss them publicly.

There also won’t be any way to comment or react to posts simply because I don’t anticipate being very popular. If that changes for some reason I’ll be happy to add more features in the future.